What happens during a Spiritual Counseling or Spiritual Healing Session?

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What happens during a Spiritual Counseling or Spiritual Healing Session?
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During a session with a client, a practitioner, (or "channel of spiritual healing"), such as Crystal BlackCreek Carlisle (Onyinyechi-Chipo), may work with a client's dreams in addition to  their own inner guidance, which is a knowingness they hear and pay attention to.  It is spirit, revealing, in the moment, as a person talks, or as they hold the client's hands, or as they do energy healing with the client.

In the process of surrender to spirit's assistance, guidance, and wisdom, things are revealed and released.  The practitioner is there as a facilitator or conduit of spirit's healing energy to assist a client in releasing whatever needs releasing, (that the client is also willing to release), to the holy spirit realm of angels or ancestral messengers of God, the Creator, who come forward on the client's behalf.  The ancestors are those of the practitioner's and perhaps also the client's.  

Often, there is a very specific,"cross-over" message to share, as the practitioner, in communion with spirit, works with the client, or sits with the client in stillness while the client absorbs the healing energy and continues to process and release.  
In this way, the practitioner becomes a spiritual medium, or go-between this world of appearance and the spirit realm, as a channel of holy spirit's divine healing energy and wisdom.

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