Testimonials on Spiritual Counseling and Healing with Crystal

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Who is Crystal BlackCreek Carlisle? How can she assist you in your spiritual healing?
Testimonials on Spiritual Counseling and Healing with Crystal
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Crystal BlackCreek Carlisle (Onyinyechi-Chipo)

Athena's Video Testimonial On A Spiritual Counseling Session With Crystal

Kariamu's Video Testimony on Spiritual Counseling with Crystal on Her Calling & Healing Work With The Ancestors

"I came for your advice and intuitive input. Talking made it more clear. It was a little journey that flowed. I felt taken care of. I received ancestral guidance for my work I'm called to do. I felt better & pain went away.  I know I can do it & it feels more secure."                        
       A, writer / yoga therapist

"...a crystal-clear channel....  I appreciate you.  You keep me informed on things.  Thank you for the experience.
C, singer / reiki practitioner

"You were right about both my friends when you did readings for them. What you predicted for both of them happened, one's son moved out & the other reunited with the person whose name you kept saying, insisting she would, despite her non-belief".                                
M, nonprofit director

"My oldest son told me he's leaving the state, as you had predicted..."                                                                            J, nonprofit volunteer

"I’ve been wanting to tell my mother that for 20 years….  Seeing her so relaxed and at peace, I know she’s in good hands with you."                                                                        R, corporate finance executive

"I spoke again with the detective, you were right about my son's murder...""Thank you so much"!                        Anonymous 

"You are a powerful Seer. There is a powerful Seer spirit with you. You help people find the problem and the solution".                                                         
Mandaza Kandemwe, Shona traditional healer (nanga)

"Your spirits come forward and the other people get healed".                                                              
Nomahlozi Fifi, S. African traditional healer (sangoma)

"Thank you for bringing me healing energy while western medicine was doing it's thing."                        
M, artist

"You have the gift of Prophecy."                                 
Rev. William Knight

"You are a "soul counselor" in touch with a person's soul by touch, being near them, talking, & listening to them; able to receive messages or info from crossed-over or distant relatives to assist in a person's healing. You clarify the issue or blockage, & highlight key questions & answers that motivate a person to a healing path & action."                                                                                       M, researcher /reiki practitioner

"Thanks Crystal, you have been so instrumental in helping me make up my mind & make some movement in the direction I should be going in....  You encouraged me, you pushed me, and you went with me,  and it's been great ever since."                       
M., singer / composer 

"You were right about your suggestion that I look into oriental medicine training a few years ago.  My Babalawo, recently, suggested that I do just that."     
K, massage therapist / reiki practitioner

"At a difficult time, an old family friend went out of her way to call me from out of town to tell me there would be a message from my mother, (from the other side), through a seer. This was something another seer insisted would happen to someone close to her and she could only think of me. It was only a week ago that she told me this and without my mentioning this to you, while receiving energy healing, my mother came with a message for me, through you."  "You were right also that I would become a capoeirista"                                             J, attorney, capoeirista 

"I felt tension earlier & now it's gone. I feel clarity & confidence to take action now."                                          S, caretaker / mom

"I came for understanding of life's guideposts & direction to a pressure-free & peaceful environment. You are a transcendent spirit or mediator that is connecting the dots to spirit… What stood out was the revelation that someone who didn't know me could recite something about my life right on, amazingly. I could let my guard down & be vulnerable & have an interpretation & proper reflection given back to me to deal with the past. It was a mental spiritual tuneup."                                                     A, manager / civil servant

"I came to you,(having forgotten you were an intermediary), for answers & to shed light on my dreams. It was a peaceful, soothing, comforting, serene experience. You did prayer & ritual over me & there was a connection & spirit talked to me through you. I felt more charged & motivated, & now ‘know’ there is a spiritual support & help with me."                                      
D, computer specialist 

"She (Crystal) is a powerful healer." “You were instrumental in my finding & reuniting with my child.”      K, producer/reiki master/buddhist lay minister

"Thank you for your instinctive, random calls of support.  It really meant a lot to me as I was on drugs at the time, unbeknownst to you. I’m doing yoga now”                      W., dancer

"You are a leader of healers."                                            
L, professor / pranic healer

"You are powerful."                                                             
V, actor / model /entrepreneur (Milan, Italy)

“You helped me spiritually, to talk about things I never talked about to anyone, & to take healing action".           
Z, nurse

"Thank you for your divine wisdom. You wise, wise, honorable, beautiful woman. You hit the bull's eye with your analysis. I can't believe I have an advocate and supporter all the way in sunny California."..."I honestly believe with all my heart that if we would not have had an email correspondence, I would not be where I am today!!!"                                                                              
T, nonprofit administrator

"Thank you for your assistance at the water ceremony. I need my community and my rituals. Could we have ceremonies like that more often?"                                     
A, actress / writer 

"Thank you for healing my son's hand. I haven't heard any more about it."
P, actress

"Thank you...You are a "Golden Phoenix"!"
Y, salesperson / pranic healer

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