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Channeled, Ancestral Spiritual Teachings On The Power Of Will
What is Willpower?  How do we find it, connect to it, and strengthen it?  How do we use it to overcome our greatest challenges? And how do we use it to manifest our dreams, goals, desires, and highest potential? These are only a few of the questions answered within this book, as channeled directly from spirit, by author, medicine woman-artist, teacher, channel, Crystal BlackCreek Carlisle (Onyinyechi-Chipo). Willpower is one of life's mysteries that often eludes us, as we encounter life's lessons in the earth school.  This book can assist you in shifting, as it contains ancestral knowledge, guided meditations, and powerful insight that inspires spiritual healing, strengthening, and awakening to align to the greater will of the Creator, and to find and integrate your gifts in ways that help you to manifest your divine purpose, achieve your dreams, and to create a deeper sense of happiness, joy, and inner peace, which is true success.
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This book explores free jazz improvisation from a historical, cultural, sociological, & political perspective.  It uncovers jazz’s African origins & elements & it’s healing purposes & benefits to transcend all  & effect community healing for performers & audiences of all ethnicities & races.  Includes commentary & interviews of free jazz artists & composers by writers & critics of the period, as well as, recent,  personal interviews done by author, singer, composer, scholar, Crystal, with free jazz pioneer, Ornette Coleman & innovator, Archie Shepp.  A must read for serious jazz enthusiasts, students, educators, singers, musicians, composers, & scholars.

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The Music Business:  

A How To Manual For Singers, Songwriters,

Music Producers, Independent Record Companies, and Those Interested In Music Business Careers

Learn the secrets and many ins and outs about the music business from experienced hit singer-songwriter, film & tv music composer, independent music publisher, independent record label owner, music scholar/educator, and author, Crystal BlackCreek Carlisle (Onyinyechi-Chipo). Crystal has, in the past,  co-written songs and done lead and background  vocals on album projects for Capital Records and Virgin Records and has done a sub-publishing deal with BMG.   She handles her own music publishing companies for her catalog of over 200 songs.   She also has worked behind the scenes at various companies, such as, Universal Music Group, EMI, Qwest Records, BET, and Steveland Morris Productions/Black Bull, (owned by Stevie Wonder).  She is soon to release her first 2-CD Set, called, "Afro Spirit Free Jazz", on her own record label, URSPIRIT.  

From time to time, she offers workshops on Songwriting, Music Production, and The Business of Music, along with other workshops combining Music, Spirituality, and Healing, such as Jazz Vocal Improvisation Circles and Music as Meditation.  She is often asked to consult, coach, and counsel  other singers, songwriters, music producers, and those wanting to start their own record labels, music production companies, or music management companies, or just wanting to know how to get started in a career within the music business.  She has assisted many people in understanding and preparing to negotiate their contracts, as well as other areas of career focus, such as preparing to record, song repertoire, how to market a CD for radioplay, or how  to get bookings, and free publicity, etc.  She guides, supports, and inspires so many to achieve their dreams and career goals.  One can only benefit from  the jewels contained within this book from someone who truly knows the business, technology, and art of music and who has also answered the call to assist others on their journeys to achieve greater success, inner peace, and happiness both in the music industry and in life.
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