Who is Crystal BlackCreek Carlisle? How can she assist you in your spiritual healing?

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Who is Crystal BlackCreek Carlisle? How can she assist you in your spiritual healing?
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Crystal BlackCreek Carlisle (Onyinyechi-Chipo)

As is common in West African and West Central African dibia, sangoma, and nanga traditions and Native American Indigenous shamanic traditions and medicine ways, she, (Crystal), is one called, chosen, initiated, trained, developed, and guided by spirit, “The Creator and the ancestors" in matters of spiritual counseling and spiritual healing.  She is one who received the healing song and, therefore, is a "mother-of-song" and "seer-by-touch".  She is of Muscogee-Creek ancestry, (more specifically, BlackCreek), her tribal name.  She was given the names Onyinyechi-Chipo by spirit, during training and her initiation, both meaning "gift" and "gift of God" in her ancestral Igbo and Shona tribal languages, respectively.  This means that she carries the gift of spiritual healing, which she expresses through many gifts.  It is, therefore, her calling to facilitate spiritual healing in all she does, on behalf of her African and Native American Indigenous ancestors for the benefit of past, present, and future generations, and the world. 

She does this through offering: spiritual  counseling, spiritual healing, spiritual teachings, spiritual jazz, spiritual song, chant, dance, and drumming, ceremony, and spiritual teachings in books, CDs, and DVDs, etc. 

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